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TITLE :  BABY! BABY! (SEQUEL to L for Love, L for Lies)
AUTHOR : lisa_yamada - Me + Rhea Jane from Facebook
MAIN PARINGS:  Daiki Arioka X Yuri Chinen
CHARACTERS: JUMP- Daiki Arioka, Yuri Chinen, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima
GENRE: Romance, Angst, Fluffy, BoyXBoy
SUMMARY: the title says it all~!! XD
A/N: Fanfic was inspired by a Daichii PIC in L for Love, L for Lies ~~~  By commenting on it without planning,or knowing how it'll end... slowly this fic was made!! LOL But I stilladded some bits and changed some tiny tiny bit like grammar, etc... to make it flow better~ ^_^ Minna.... please read and comment~~!!!  And hope you like it!
9 months later…. *wanna use the mpreg idea… LOL*

Chii: *scream* DAIKI ARIOKA…. I HATE YOU!!

Daiki: I hate you too!! Only one should get pregnant!! Why did I let you do this to me???!!! *scream even louder*
Chii: Daichan... it hurts… it hurts!!!! *crying louder in pain* Daiki take it out please!!! >_<
Daiki: *at the same time*... Take ur baby out too!!! The pain is killing me!! Why you’re so chibi... But your baby is so big!!!!!!... Doctor...*cry* is baby stuck?! Why isn't she coming out!! *cry more*
Chii: I'm never getting pregnant again! Ever! *breathing heavily*
Daiki: I’m never allowing u to be top too! AHHHHHH…. *tears coming out from the side of his eyes*

…. 7  hours later….

Chii: *Holds Daiki hands tightly* …PUSH… BREATHE… PUSH ….BREATHE ...

*baby cry…*

Chii: *Finally let’s go of Daiki’s SUPER RED hand*

Nurse: Omedetou! … It's a baby boy *hands baby over to the tired sweaty Chii*

Chii: *happy tears falls down his tired face* Our baby… Dai-chan… He’s really our baby, we made him… *touches his soft chubby cheeks*… Baby, mama love you…

Daiki:  Un…*Kiss Chii’s forehead and nods with tears falling continuously… because of both happiness and pain in his own stomach*

… Another 3 hours later...

Daiki:*Rubbing tummy and speaking to the baby* Baby when are you coming out…? Your older brother already came out 3 hours ago, he wants to play with yo- Ahhhhhhhhh -YOU!!!
Chii: *Smiles cutely*... hehehe... Gomen ne... *Not really feeling sorry*... it's fine, she'll come out soon...
Daiki: *scream in pain for the nth time*Why does she have to take all of your genes!!!! Always like to bully me... *pant pant* … when our little prince was in your stomach he would be a good boy. But little princess, in here, always kick me so hard and wouldn’t let me eat my favourite food and now this…*Pout*
Chii: Cute, isn't she? Don't you like it? *smiles then got serious*....And why are you mad... We made her together; it's not like I planned this alone! *pouts lips*... Stop screaming so loud too!! You're disturbing little prince’s sleep! *goes to make sure he’s still sleeping*
Daiki: I'm not mad... Mad... But it's really painful!!! Why isn't she coming out yet!!?? *Running out of energy*
Chii: *teasing* Maybe you need to have a caesarean delivery?! *Scaring him*
Daiki: What!?!? Nooo!!  I’m already SUPER scared of injections!! Cutting me up, NO THANKS!! *hiding the pain* I'm not letting anyone to cut me up!!! *cry*
Chii: *Laughs* It’s ok, I won't leave your side, I swear...

Daiki: Of course you can't... I'm having your baby *pout*
‎*YamaJima comes and visit- Yama-chan with big tummy* lol
Yamada: Chii, Dai-chan… Omedetou! Chii, you've delivered safely eh? *hug*

Chii: Un… *smile*
Yuto: *looks at Chii… then Daiki on his bed still with a BIG stomach and painful face*Eh? Still not out yet, Dai-chan?
Daiki: Yea...*whisper to Yuto* “don't let Yamachan do you!!! It's really painful!!”  Yamachan, it’s your turn soon… you’re ready for the pain? *weak smile*

Yuto: *Nods at Daiki and shivers at the thought*

Yamada: Hai... I wish it'll turn out fine just like Chii...*smiles excitedly*

Chii: Now the baby is out, seeing our little prince… It makes me think everything worth’s it... All the pain and troubles in those 9 months...*smile*

Daiki: But I'm scared!!! Chii said the doctor might cut me up because baby still isn't coming out….*scared*
Yuto: Ganbatte Daichan! You can do it for your baby's sake, desho?
Daiki: Ha-hai!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...it hurts it hurts!!!
Chii: Is it coming out now? Is it? *Panicking and looks at Daiki from top to bottom… then saw blood on the bed*... wahhhhhh!! There's bl-blood!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor!!!  Come save them both!!!!! *cry out loud*
Yamada: *starts panicking a little*... Chii, calm down, it’ll be ok... please...*tries to stop chii from further wailing*
*Doctor rushes in with nurses*
Doctor: Relax... Follow our instructions and both baby and the mother will be safe alright?

Daiki & Chii: *nods*

Doctor: Breathe and relax… okay now…
Nurse: All of you need to go out now ...*points to chii, yuto & yamachan, but chii insisted to stay*
Chii: Iie!! I wanna stay with them, I wanna see my daughter come out! *beg and the nurses falls for his puppy eyes...xd*
Doctor: *sigh*... Okay... Just don't go screaming when you see blood! *the doctor warned* Or else you're out! You're putting more stress on your husband!

Chii: Hai… Hai *It’s my daughter, of course I wanna see her come out!!* Daichan, baby.... Fighting!!! *speaks to baby* Baby, Papa and your brother is waiting for you to come out... You gave mama lots of pain, come out quick and safe, make him happy, ok?

Daiki: Yah!! I'm daddy, not... ahhh... Not ma-mama!!

Doctor & Nurse: *laughs lightly*

……. 20 minutes of pushing, breathing, screaming, panting, sweating, and pain, finally hears a soft cry of the baby….

*baby cry* *Yamajima went in quietly, witnessing the whole sweet family scene*
Daiki: *Cry immediately with the baby once he saw the baby in his hands* She looks just like you, Chii...  so cute… *speaking to baby without thinking* Little princess, mama will give you my everything… *making Chii jealous*

Yamajima:  ‎*whisper to each other* Daiki admits to be mama too… so cute!

Chii: Yah... what about me and little prince!? *pout*
Daiki: Of course and you too... You're my queen, he's our little prince and she's our little princess *pertaining to their kids*... we're one happy royal family!

Chii: *smiles happily…* that’s right, one happy royal family *Both babies suddenly chuckles* Wahh... Even they think so too!! hahaha
Yamajima: *can’t wait anymore…*Chii!! Daiki!! Can we hold the babies... You guys must be tired ne? Daiki all day in pain... And Chii have baby, but have to also stay with Daiki... You guys must be tired, right?
Daiki: Yada! *being selfish*... I want to hold my princess a little bit more!
Chii: Yea… me too!! Having my little prince is tiring, but seeing him in my arm, I’m not tired... *Even though, everyone can see that he's super super super tired*
Yama-chan: Eh...? *noticed their weary faces*                                                                                                  Yama-chan: Yama-chan: *In mind*”Still pretending to be all right even if not eh?... So that's how it feels when you become a mother.... *instinctively touches his protruding womb*
Yuto: *Sees what Yama-chan does and hug him from behind, also touching the baby* We'll be like them soon…
Yama-chan: *nods softly*... yeah... just a little more time ne... *happily watches the couple (Chii & Daiki with their babies)

Yuto: *In mind* “Aish…seeing them all with a baby... I wanna know what it feels like to... But daichan looked like he's in so much pain just before... “
Daiki: *Notices Yuto's desire as if he wants to have a baby as well* ”... Don't even think about it Yuto-kun... it feels good alright, but it's super painful as well... unless you're really, I mean really really, ready for it!”
Yama-chan: *Notices the stares between Daiki and Yuto* *In mind* “What are they thinking about?”

Yuto: *still with the same face… thinking hard* *In mind*“Should I tell Yama-chan? But he’s pregnant…”

Yama-chan: *have enough… Yuto’s definitely thinking about something* What is it you two? Are you guys hiding something?
Yuto: *takes a DEEP breath* Yama-chan, I want a baby...

Yama-chan: But we al- *cut by Yuto*

Yuto: I mean… in here *Puts Yama-chan's hand on top of his skinny flat tummy... Giving everyone a big shock, especially Yama-chan*

Yama-chan: WHAT?! Wait... seriously?! *can't think properly*... You saw how Daiki suffered, are you sure? *Still cannot believe it*

Yuto: I'm not scared... And I'm serious… 100% serious. Seeing you guys get pregnant, going through all those troubles and pain... I know it'll hurt, but you get something very precious back... I want to feel it too… I wanna give you a baby too...
Yama-chan: *speechless & feels like crying...he hugged him* I love you so much Yuto-kun... then let's make your baby tonight ne... *smiles teasingly*
Yuto: Eto... But you're pregnant now!! I don't want you to hurt yourself or our baby...

Yama-chan: *thinking… and sees doctor* Doctor… can I ask you a question?

Doctor: Sure. *give a friendly smile*

Yama-chan:  *Dunno how to word it* Ano.. I’m pregnant… um… is it safe if we… *Silent room making Yama-chan even more embarrass when asking these kind of questions*

Doctor: *knows what he meant* Yes, it’s safe… just don’t over do it? Ok? ---> *authors dunno... so don't try! LOL*

Yama-chan: Hai! *when doctors gone* YES!!! Yuto’s gonna give me a baby too!!! *Scream happily… Everyone including all the doctors, nurses, and other pregnant patients - looking at Yama-chan, Yuto, Chii and Daiki*

Yuto, Chii, Daiki: Yama-chan… =_=" *Looks down, embarrassed…* 

..... 10 years later.....

(Daiki with his 10 years old son)

(Yama-chan ends up getting pregnant again....LOL)

NEW fanfic: L for Love, L for Lies: Part 1

TITLE : L for Love, L for Lies  (want to make it "ToGetHer"... but they're boys~ XD)
AUTHOR : lisa_yamada - Me + Rhea Jane from Facebook
MAIN PARINGS:  Daiki Arioka X Yuri Chinen
CHARACTERS: JUMP- Daiki Arioka, Yuri Chinen, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima
GENRE: Romance, Angst, Fluffy, BoyXBoy    
SUMMARY: Read and you'll know... XDXDXDXD
But for those who really wanna know... Here's the storyline, it's simple: Chii loves Daiki, Daiki loves chii.. But they dunno each other's feeling. One day, Chii finally confessed, but Daiki keeps denying his true feelings, making Chii feel like he should just give up. (Hint: The ending will be a BIG SURPRISE!! So read till the end~ hahaha) 
Fanfic was inspired by a Daichii PIC~~~  By commenting on it without planning, or knowing how it'll end... slowly this fic was made!! LOL But I still added some bits and changed some tiny tiny bit like grammar, etc... to make it flow better~ ^_^ Minna.... please read and comment~~!!!  And hope you like it!


Chii: Dai-chan…. I wanna… kiss you…!! *close his eyes*

     (*Chii, trying to trick the other by using-> “replaying the Yamajima pair” trick, but in his heart it’s not that...*)

Daiki: EH?! *Chii’s chuu coming towards him* Um… CHII… kiss the cotton swab first!!   
Daiki: *In mind* “What’s wrong with Chii today? He was so sad just a while ago looking at the Yamajima rabu-rabu and now he’s so cheerful! Could it be he’s just pretending all this time?” *confuse*

Chii: *In mind* “Dai-chan… the truth is all this time there’s only one boy who stole my heart…. He’s….”

Daiki:  Chii, what are you thinking?  

Chii: um… Dai-chan, close your eyes!

Daiki: Eh?! Nande? *In mind* “What’s wrong with him today? What is he planning now?”

Chii: *In mind* "Here I go…" *Chuu*

Daiki: EH?!?! *shocked* What are you doing??  Are you my girlfriend?!

Chii: Dai-chan, I like you… You have to take responsibility now; you have my first kiss… 
Chii: *in mind* “Will this work?”

Daiki: You say that as if you are in a hurry…. Chii, seriously … what’s wrong with you today? Are you that envious of Yamada and Yuto?!  Tell me!!

Chii: *pout* It’s just…it’s just that you’ll always with them, or you’re with BEST…. *mumbling*

Daiki: Eh? You’re jealous?! You like me that much?! *teases chii*

Chii: Yep!!*planning to kiss Daiki again…*
Chii: *In mind* “Lucky he’s chibi, so easy for me to kiss… poor yama-chan, yuto’s so tall like a giant!!”

Daiki: *Avoids Chii’s kiss* Yah! *Holds on chii’s shoulder* Chotto matte yo, I’m not your boyfriend! Stop it!

Chii: EH …. *silent*
Chii: *In mind* “If he doesn’t want to be my boyfriend….he wanna be my girlfriend?!?!? But…”
Chii: You wanna be my girlfriend? *eyes wide open*

Daiki: Wha… eto… *thinking*… Yah! What are you thinking? ...  I’m…I’m a guy! *confused*

Chii: I’m a boy too! But I want to be with you… be with you forever…

Daiki: This is going too fast…  Please give me time to think…. It’s not like you’re dying the next day, right? Right?

Chii: Eto… what if I am? What will you do? *speaking quietly*
Chii: *In mind* “in TV dramas… this kind of situations always make the other person tell the truth…”

Daiki: Eh?!... CHII, Can you be a little more serious! *concerned, heart racing so fast*

Chii: Fine, of course I won’t die... yet…!  But I’m just asking, if I did what will you do? *looking at Daiki seriously*

Daiki: Shut up…*turns away from Chii*
Daiki: *In mind* “Chii… I might be selfish, but I will rather die first… I don’t want to see you die. I don’t want to feel the pain and suffer every day for the rest of my life without you…”

Chii: *Being a spoilt brat? But every word is the truth…*Fine! Don’t tell me! But I’ll tell you what I’ll do… Without you, there won’t be me… there won’t be the happy and cheerful Chii!

Daiki: *laughs nervously* Why are you being dramatic so suddenly? Yamete yo!

Chii: I’m not…. Everything I just said is the truth… *Feeling like he should just give up… everything is just a one-side love*

Daiki: *Can't say that he likes Chii too…* Demo… Chii, I really don’t know what to say now… *more of self-denial… doesn’t want to admit his feelings for Chii* 

*awkward silence….*

Chii: *breaking the silence first* Okay… Dai-chan, I understand. You don’t have to say anything anymore. After all, we both boys, right? If other people see us together, they’ll think bad about us and our fans would hate us, desho? *trying to make himself feel better* Dai-chan, I want to eat ice-cream… you want to still come with me? If you don’t want … it’s ok… *force smile and trying to change the subject* 

Daiki: Chii…*stops and thinks again*

Chii: *stops walking away*

Daiki: …ah.. h-hai… I’ll go with you…

Chii: Un… *Fake smile and starts walking again, not even once looking at Daiki *

*On the way* …… 

Chii: *In mind* “Yama-chan… you’re really lucky to have Yuto… Yuto… you’re lucky to have Yama-chan, too. Both of you can be together without any obstacles… Why can’t I be with Daiki just like you guys? Why does it have to be this hard?”  *eyes getting teary*

Daiki: *affected by not being faced by Chii* Hey… why are you not facing me anymore… Chii, look at me…

Chii: Hmm? *Lifts head up to face Daiki, eyes still with tears, so he quickly wipes them away* Nothing… just thinking
about something…
*More tears formed, this time he couldn’t hide it from Daiki*  

Daiki: Eh? *stunned by what he saw, he instinctively wiped his tears*Chii… please stop crying… don’t do this… *in
a hurting voice*

Chii: *forcing out a smile again* Iie, I’m not crying… something… something just went in my eyes. 

Daiki: *Suddenly pulls Chii’s body close to him…in short, he hugged him* I know it’s not that, you don’t have to lie to me. You’re hurting yourself… and so am I... Let’s stop pretending and lying to ourselves ne? Let’s end this now… *Finds Chii’s lips and kissed him passionately*

Chii: *Opens eyes wide… one word to describe it… S.H.O.C.K.E.D* Eh? You mean… *between breaths*

Daiki: *Just nods and kisses Chii harder*

Chii: *Kisses Daiki back… wrapping his hands around Daiki’s neck to kiss longer… Not caring who is looking or where they are… As long as Daiki loves him back and he’s with him*

Both: *Smiling, while tears still keep falling down both their cheeks… this time because of happiness* 

When both went out of breath, they looked at each other, hold hands, walked away to who knows where and then doing what….


Chii & Daiki: WHAT!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Chii: I'm gonna kill you stupid penguin!!!!!!!

Lisa and Yamada Ryosuke's wedding

Welcome to first ever Themepark wedding! ^_^
it will be the BIGGEST and MOST cutest/sweetest/romantic/FUNNEST one.... which no one will forget~~~ XD

*Can go on ALL rides for free, and take photos with the cartoons and any idols you like, including Yamada Ryosuke (but limited time only).*


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MINNA COMPARE THIS!!! I can tell you they are 100% different!
The one on the bottom shows all their REAL smiles and it have the REAL JUMP- 10 members!
The one on the top are all acting...fake.... the smiles are fake and JUMP isn't the hey say JUMP we know... even if you ask a little kid now... they can count only 9 boys.. not 10!!
look at Daiki... normally the HAPPY CUTE penguin... now all sad, showing no emotions at all.
This is their REAL SMILE: small eyes, lips/mouth smiling VERY wide, cheeks puff up~~ XD Just like the bottom pic...

When even little kids can see the differences.... why can't johnny see this...?? T_T
Does johnny really want JUMP to sing OVER and then make JUMP "over"?!

"Papa... how do you make babies??"

TITLE : "Papa…. how do you make babies??"
[info]lisa_yamada - me (Yama-chan wife)
Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada
CHARACTERS: Me – Lisa, JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuya Takaki X OC
I own both character and plot... except for OC... XD
Yuya Takaki was once a former playboy, but with his money and attracting looks; he got every girls he wanted and had also played with their true feelings. But one day, he met one girl who changed him 180 degrees. She wasn’t even his type of girl, like what he normally play with, but still something about her makes him attracted to her like honey. Therefore, to be with that girl, he changed his lifestyle and also changed all his playboy habits into someone who he never thought he could be. Not long, all his hard work payed off, both of them became officially a couple, who love and trust each other, without any lies or acting within the relationship. Once they got married, she got pregnant with Yuya’s baby and then gave birth to a cute and good looking baby boy, looking just like his father. Now, their son had just turned 5. One day, he asked one question to his father making him speechless. “Papa… how do you make babies?” How will his father, a former playboy, answer him?  What if he made a playboy with his answer?
A/N: Minna.... please read and comment~~!!! XD


Click here to read....Collapse )


Why did you do this to me?! : Chapter 14

TITLE : Why are did you do this to me?!
[info]lisa_yamada - me (Yama-chan wife)
Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada
CHARACTERS: Me – Lisa, JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Daiki Arioka, Keito Okamoto, Yuto Nakajima, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yabu Kota, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome
LENGTH: Multi-chapter
WARNING(S): Character – Pregnant
I own both character and plot...
SUMMARY: Hikaru askes everyone in JUMP and Yamada's girlfriend, Lisa, to go to a newly opened karaoke bar. But what will happen if there were some problems during karaoke-ing, which leads to even bigger problems?
A/N: Minna.... please read and co~~!!! XD



Click here for Chapter 14!Collapse )


Why did you do this to me?! : Chapter 13

TITLE : Why are did you do this to me?!
[info]lisa_yamada - me (Yama-chan wife)
Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada
CHARACTERS: Me – Lisa, JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Daiki Arioka, Keito Okamoto, Yuto Nakajima, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yabu Kota, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome
LENGTH: Multi-chapter
WARNING(S): Character – Pregnant
I own both character and plot...
SUMMARY: Hikaru askes everyone in JUMP and Yamada's girlfriend, Lisa, to go to a newly opened karaoke bar. But what will happen if there were some problems during karaoke-ing, which leads to even bigger problems?
A/N: Minna.... please read and comment~~!!! XD



Click here for chapter 13! Collapse )

Why did you do this to me?! : Chapter 12

TITLE : Why are did you do this to me?!
[info]lisa_yamada - me (Yama-chan wife)
Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada
CHARACTERS: Me – Lisa, JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Daiki Arioka, Keito Okamoto, Yuto Nakajima, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yabu Kota, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome
LENGTH: Multi-chapter
WARNING(S): Character – Pregnant
I own both character and plot...
SUMMARY: Hikaru askes everyone in JUMP and Yamada's girlfriend, Lisa, to go to a newly opened karaoke bar. But what will happen if there were some problems during karaoke-ing, which leads to even bigger problems?
A/N: Minna.. I'M BACK!! ^___^


Click here for Chapter 12!Collapse )
Dear Yama-chan, (My Honey~~)

Um…. How should I start this?! Mou… I have so many things that I wanna say to you, but whenever it comes to writing… it’s so hard!!!

Hhm… First things first…. YAMADA RYOSUKE~~ HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re already 18 years old, officially an adult la!! Time went by so fast, right??!! *laugh*

I still remember that night, 2nd of June, 2009, when I first saw JUMP. But I don’t know why… once I saw you, my heart began going faster and faster. I guess you have already caught my heart. Already controlling it, right? *laugh* Do you believe in love at first sight?! *laugh*.

Then after that night, you have eventually changed me entirely. Someone like me who knows nothing about love, nothing about boys, nothing about you… into someone who can only thinks about you 24/7, someone who can’t live without you, someone who’s happy if they see you happy and cry if you cry, someone who knows every single detail about you. Not only that, but every time I learnt more about you, my love for you increases too.

During that time, 2009, you have just turned 16 and you’re so innocent and cute. I still remember the first MV that I have seen you in was for “Mayonaka no shadow boy” and the making of it. JUMP was all so energetic and happy. Everyone also looks so close and open towards each other, just as if you guys were like real brothers. Everyone was just being themselves and shows their real personality, in front of the camera, with no lies, no acting in between. Unlike other celebrities who have 2 sides; one for on-screen and another one for off-screen. That's why I really admire JUMP so much; especially when most of you guys still have to study and work as an idol during that same time. How do you guys do that?! And…now when I watch your recent concerts, shows, MVs; you’re so hot and damn sexy!!! Those hip rolls and erotic faces… it makes me crazy!! *>__<*

Even at such young age, your dancing and singing skills are so good!! No wonder as time goes by; you’re now one of the best dancers in Johnnys. *laugh*

Many fans and friends have asked me why I love you so much? Why so addicted? Why so obsessed over a boy who I’ll never see and someone who would never love me back. Why in love with a Japanese boy when I’m Chinese, who doesn’t know how to speak any Japanese. Na… Yamada Ryosuke… You wanna know why and what I said? The only answer I gave them is that: I LOVE YAMADA RYOSUKE! No matter what others say… my love for you will always stay the same.

I hate those fake and stupid rumours. I hate people who say bad things about you like when they say how you always take the spotlight, taking all the solo-lines, taking all the best roles, etc. People who tries to ruin your image, sometimes I just feel like killing them to shut them up. Because I know that it’s not even you’re fault! You are just doing your job like what Johnnys tell you to do and trying to make fans happy, right? And for the spotlight part… it makes me angry the most!! It’s the camera man or the editing person, who should be taking the blame, not you!! You’re just dancing on the stage which is your job, but the camera man is the one who controls where to film. Why I’m like this? It’s because I believe in you and have trust in you, and I have really fallen in love with you at first sight!!! *>__<*

Even though you are famous and is SUPER rich, that's not what I’m after. I love both your inside and your outside. I love the way you just being yourself. I love your personality and not just because of your looks. You are the first boy who could change me and shows me what love really feels like. I wish I could see you and hug you every day, show you and tell you how much I love you in real life. You and others might think my reasons are stupid, right? But that’s what I really feel and it’s all my true feeling towards you, Yama-chan.

I know that even if I may never see you. All I could do now is dream and wish for my dreams to come true!! *laugh* Dreams come True, Fighting for my dreams and Jumping to my dreams is what you told us to do right? *Hahaha* I still have lots to say ne… but I guess I have to finish this letter soon.


Now you turned 18, I hope you to continue doing your best at WORK and continue making my heart beat just for you!! XD… But buta-chan, keep your chubby face!! It makes you super cute!! So DON’T get rid of it, ok??!! And don’t turn naughty!!!

YAMA-CHAN… even though we live under the same sky but in 2 different worlds, ARIGATO for being there and for showing your sweet smile whenever I feel sad or down and for giving me energy whenever I feel like giving up~~!!! HOUNTOUNI ARIGATO NE!!!!

P.S.: Yama-chan… I know you hate at maths. *laugh* Demo… this equation is what I will always feel towards you, and ONLY you!! (10-9) + (2vX5e) + (5u-4u) =

Love From Lisa (Your wifey~~ XD)

Title: Surprise Birthday Party
Pairings: Yama-chan and me, Yuto-kun and Veronica
Characters: Me, Hey! Say! JUMP, Yama-chan's family and, my best friend, Veronica.
Genre: Romance, comedy
Legnth: one-shot
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: um... I own everything in this fanfic... hehe^_^
Summary: Soon, i
t's going to be Yama-chan's birthday and my first time celebrating his birthday with him. So I wanted to make it a surprise party to make it a wonderful memory and have a great time. So I told Chihiro, Misaki, To-chan and Ka-chan, (dunno when I started copying Yama-chan and his sisters calling their parents, mummy and daddy that too! haha..^_^) and all the HSJ members about my plan. They all agreed except for Misaki, she loves her nii-chan a lot and if he thinks that all of us forgot his birthday, he'll be really upset. So in the end, we all decided that Misaki will pretend to be the only one who remembers his birthday but also keeping it a secret that we'll be having a surprise party too! Now, Yama-chan won't be as upset if there's still his sister with him... hoping that he won't cry or else I'll end cry too!! >_<


A day before his birthday: 8 may
Misaki, Chihiro went to a cake shop to order Yama-chan a birthday cake with me since I didn't know what kinds he like except for strawberries, so I let his sisters to pick; and they picked a fresh cream cake which is layered with one layer strawberry flavour cake slice, one layer vanilla flavour cake slice and continue on has lots and lots of strawberries on it and looks kawaii too.


“Japanese people really do have good taste on stuff... haha..” I thought to myself.


Then when we finish ordering we went to buy presents. I bought him some clothes since I always do shopping with him and know all his sizes now; and his sisters bought him Kinki Kids 's CD and their stuff.


“Yama-chan loves Kinki Kids. Haha...”said Chihiro and paid for the products.


“Un~! Nii-chan is like Chinen-kun loving his Arashi and Ohno-kun!” Misaki agreed.


“Yama-chan's so cute when he's being a cute fanboy supporting Kinki-kids! Hehe...” I replied.


“Especially when he's yelling and screaming out Domoto-kun's name in concerts... haha... Anyone near him will become deaf the next day! Haha...  ” Chihiro and Misaki added and laughed.

On his birthday: 9 may
Hey! Say! JUMP have day off and everyone, except for Misaki and Yama-chan, woke up early today. While To-chan and Ka-chan went to buy the party food and get things ready, I made a breakfast for Misaki and Yama-chan to eat when they wake up. I then called everyone in JUMP to meet at Dai-chan's house since he's always late and sleeps in. Soon everyone arrived at dai-chan's house, everyone was dressed so cute and cool holding Yama-chan's presents!!! We knocked on the door, and then Dai-chan's mummy opened the door and let us in. Just as we thought, he was still sleeping. So we all decided to wake him up before Yama-chan does. And when we went inside his room, it was clean but his sleeping pose... I can't even describe it in words! The blankets was everywhere; the big blanket was wrapped around him like a BIG stuffed sushi; his hair was all messy but cute. But even with all of us being noisy, he was still sleeping like a dead pig.


So I decided to go up to him and whispered to his ears... "Wai...Dai-chan... wake up la!! If you don't wake up then I'll kiss you o!  I'll also take a photo on how you sleep and show it to all your fans!!!" and just as I thought, he quickly opened his eyes.


I was laughing and he was blushing, not saying anything. The others didn't know how I made him wake up so fast and it was such a surprise for them. But then when he got up... the blanket fell down and he was only wearing his boxer short.


Everyone in JUMP screamed "..DAI-CHAN!! Lisa-chan is here, too!!"


Yabu and Chinen who where next to me quickly covered my eyes.


 "ARGHH...” He screamed, too, when he realized what happened and quickly found a pair of pants and quickly wore it.


" Gomen ne, I forgot that I was only wearing boxer shorts last night!" Dai-chan continued and went even more embarrass...


“ Dai-chan you're lucky that Yama-chan isn't here... or else I bet he'll kill you!! haha..” Hikaru teased him. But soon everyone had forgotten about it


While Dai-chan was eating breakfast, everyone was looking at him eating.


“It's cute! Hehe... wonder if Yama-chan has woken up by now?” I wondered.


Then suddenly my phone started ringing and it was yama-chan.


 So I answered happily, " Moshi moshi, Yama-chan... what is it la..? Uh, have you eaten breakfast yet? It's on the table!"


 "Hai, its oishii ne! Um.. Lisa-chan... do u know what day is today?" He said it calmly.


" Today's 9th of may. What about it?  " I replied sounding like I didn't know anything.


“..........” Suddenly there was silent so I asked, "Yama-chan?"


"Hai, o.. don't worry la... Are you with Veronica..?" He answered.


"Un~! We're shopping! Hehe..." I lied and laughed. Then he said with a sad voice



"Um.. Then have fun la.. um.. bai bai" he replied it with a sad voice and I know that; if we talk a bit longer, he'll be crying.    



"Bai Bai, Yama-chan! " I quickly replied and ended the call.


When I placed my phone back into my pocket, everyone was looking at me.



“What did he say? ” They all asked the same question with the same expression, at the same time.   



So I replied that, "He asked me what day it is today; and of course I know it because it's Yama-chan's birthday..; and when I just said it's 9 may and what about it; he didn't say anything..”


Then Chinen beside me quietly said.. "He must be sad ne! For him, you are like his girlfriend but you're not with him on his birthday and worse of all, he thinks that you had forgotten about it...~!!"

Back at home

After Yama-chan called Lisa, his sister came out of her room.


"Nii-chan, happy birthday!” Misaki screamed and gave him his presents.


He was really happy and immediately cuddled her.


"Arigato, Misaki... I think you're the only one that remembered it's my birthday today... even Chihiro, To-chan and Ka-chan isn't at home; at least they could still say happy birthday! And normally, on my birthday, To-chan and Ka-chan would always make me a big breakfast and we would eat it together with the whole family. We would be really happy. But today… I woke up really early at 9, but everyone was already gone!!.... I haven't told Lisa-chan about my birthday because I thought she would already know it. But even if she doesn't know, won't the others members still tell her? Will it be because they forgot it too? I never forget their birthdays and normally Keito, Yuto-kun, Dai-chan and Chii would at least send me a SMS saying happy birthday! But today, I got none from them and I did it for them on their birthdays!" Then tears began forming in his watery eyes.


It didn't take long, soon he was crying really hard because the tears couldn't hold back anymore and the tears kept rolling down his chubby cheeks. Misaki then hugged him while wiping away his tears.


"Don't cry la, nii-chan! If you cry, you won't look like my happy, cute Nii-chan anymore!!" she smiled and he stopped a little.


Immediately, Misaki went to the toilets and called Lisa."Lisa-chan, come home quickly and tell everyone to hurry, too! Nii-chan got very upset before and was crying!!! If you guys don't come back any time sooner, I bet he'll start crying again... and I won't be able to know how to stop him again!"


" Hai, we'll be home soon~! Take him to the park or go and eat ice-cream! So we can prepare the food and pick up the cake. Uh... he loves that ichigo flavor ice-cream from that ice-cream shop nearest to our house!" Lisa answered.


"Hai... then I'll take him there.... and we'll come home at 2 o'clock, OK? It's 11 o'clock now."


"hai!" Lisa replied.

Back at dai-chan's house

JUMP looked at me very closely and also because my eyes were watery, too! Then they asked me what happened. So I replayed back to the members on what Misaki had said and that Yama-chan was crying because he thinks that we had forgotten his birthday.


Ryutaro suddenly said, "EH? Yama-chan is crying??"


Chii pouted and said, "See! I told you that yama-chan will be sad!" everyone went quiet.


“Chii, really does cares lots about yama-chan too!” I quietly said and when I looked at Dai-chan, he suddenly stopped eating.


So I told him."DAIKI, hurry up and eat! We need to go and pick up the cake and then go back home to prepare!! Misaki and Yama-chan is going to eat ice-cream and they'll be home by 2 o'clock, so we need to be quick! If you don't, and still continue to be slow then I'm gonna tell all your fans, your weaknesses and stuff... stuff that I know they'll definitely want to know about you!"


Luckily all of them listened to me and Dai-chan quickly finished eating.


“Wahh… that was lucky. If Dai-chan really did eat slowing, I just lied to him, what I should do?!”


So Yabu drove us to pick up the cake since he has a huge car for 12 people. ( does that exist? haha.. )  On the way, I called to-chan and ka-chan that once finish buying the stuff we need; we have to go home quickly! And also that yama-chan and misaki went to eat ice-cream and will be home by 2 o'clock. Later, I called chihiro and told her the same thing.


So all of them replied, "Hai, i'll be home once I’m finish!"


When we arrived to the shop the lady selling the cakes saw all of the members next to me, all looking cool and cute, she quietly whispered and teased me, "wow, all of the boys are so good looking, which one is your boyfriend?"


So I replied happily, "um.. he's not here.. it’s his birthday today, so we want to give him a surprise party!"


"o.. i see, you're a nice girlfriend ne! hehe.." Replied the lady


"Maybe... "I quietly replied... once we got the cake we went to pick up veronica and then went home.

At home

When we went inside, to-chan, ka-chan and chihiro is already back home preparing. ka-chan cooking dishes,  to-chan preparing for a BBQ and chihiro is decorating the house with balloons, and lots of other party stuff. We all went to help; Chinen, me, ryutaro and daiki when to help chihiro with the decorations; yuto, keito, kei went to help ka-chan with the cooking; and takaki, hikaru and yabu went to help to-chan with the BBQ. Soon, it was already 2 o'clock. Luckily everything was done in time!

So everyone stood by the door holding the party spray thingy that sprays colourful party strings and waiting for yama-chan and misaki to come home. Right on 2 o'clock, we heard misaki asking yama-chan if he liked the ice-cream and he replied, "Hai! arigato misaki"


"What is sisters for? Hehe…" Misaki replied and laughed.


 I quickly took the cake out of the fridge and light the candles. Once the door was opened "SUPRISE!!"everyone screamed and then made a path for me to go to Yama-chan to give him the cake, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YAMA-CHAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOU!!!" Everyone sang.. (must be the best happy birthday song I ever heard! hahah.. cuz hsj is singing it.. ^^) and sprayed the thingy everywhere. He then made a wish and blew out the candles. Tears were forming again, so I quickly gave the cake to ka-chan and went "Eh.. Yama-chan how come you crying again.. ?? Dont cry.. or else you make me cry, too!" as I wiped the tears on Yama-chan's eyes and he said, "I thought everyone forgot my birthday... and I’m crying not because I’m sad! It’s because I’m happy and surprised!" Everyone laughed and Yuto said, "bakaro yama-chan.. of course we didn’t forget your birthday! This was Lisa-chan's idea. She said that it’s her first time celebrating your birthday with you and she wants to make it memorable! She wanted to give you a surprise party and told us all to keep it a secret from you, even Misaki was suppose to forget you birthday. But we want someone to be with you, so you wouldn’t be as sad. haha "


Yama-chan looked at Misaki and she nodded, "Arigato, lisa-chan... this birthday will definitely be my best birthday I have ever had!! " Yama-chan said, hugging me so I hug him back tightly and happily, and my tears began forming again. This time is because next year I would be back in Australia and I wouldn’t be able to celebrate his birthday like this again...! I would miss him! Even ka-chan and to-chan looked like they're about to cry too, it’s the first time we hug in front of them! haha... and that both of us is having a happy time!


Afterwards, we went to eat the food. Yama-chan made (bbq) us some chicken wings and skewers while Yuto bbq sausages and meat for veronica and him. So me and veronica went to get the food that ka-chan had already made. Since Yama-chan loves meat, i putted lots of meat in his ramen… hehe…. and some sushi on the plate. I love Ka-chan’s food, she makes them really tasty. No wonder Yama-chan is so chubby! haha.. Then when we finish eating, we played games like musical chairs; truth, dare, kiss and promise game, while everyone was staring at Ryutaro making sure that he won’t push anyone again, if it’s kiss! Then we ate the cake, it was so yummy!! 

Soon, it was night time, so we watched HSJ concert DVDs and many movies. While watching the movie, I soon fell asleep on Yama-chan's shoulder because I was really tired. So Yama-chan took me into my room and putted me on the bed. After pulling up the blankets, he quietly kissed my cheeks and whispered "Arigato for today! Lisa-chan, I love you! Aishiteru!" and then went back to watch the movie with the other members, and Veronica who was still with Yuto. 


 "Yama-chan.... Every year, i hope i could celebrate your birthday with you like today~~~" as happy, but also sad tears slipped out of my eyes.