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lisa_yamada's Journal

i love yamada!!! ^_^ haha..

Konnichiwa, my name is Lisa. nice to meet you! i am chinese but born in australia. so i speak both chinese and english .. ^_^
i am a super hsj fan ne!! hehe.. and i love yamada ryosuke the most and will forever!! ^_^ most of hsj fans that i know call me yama-chan wife.. hehe.. if u are one of them too.. i can call u yuto wife, chii wife, dai-chan wife, etc.. but only not yama-chan wife.. haha...^^
i love to be friends with JUMP fans too! haha.. so if you are one, please add me ne!

~ but i dunno much about LJ.. so i wont have much stuff on my profiles ne...
on LJ i mostly go to read hsj trans, fanfics, though! hehe.. ^_^ ~